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Discovery Italia is engaging and investing on second screen strategies. In particular they have decided to create a second screen app for their talent show “Amici di Maria De Filippi” aired on Real Time. The mobile app is “Amici Real Time” and it was created and powered by Parterre, a second screen platform ( and ClassX Broadcast Applications, a realtime TV graphics platform (

During the show viewers interact with Twitter and with the Amici Real Time app. The most interesting tweets, and the results of the votes gathered by the Amici Real Time app on the guests, are displayed on the screen in real-time thanks to SocialServer, a realtime TV graphics social platform developed by ClassX.
In this analysis we measured the number of users who actively participated during the show. We then compared the usage of Twitter and the Amici Real Time app used on a same episode. We monitored the number of users who at least voted once on the Amici Real Time app or sent a tweet on Twitter. The results showed the Amici app engaging 1.76% of the audience versus 0.27% for Twitter: that is a 6.5 times bigger engagement.
Moreover the participation level is definitely higher. The app has recorded 160 actions per single user versus an average 6 tweets per author. We also have added other Twitter engagement analysis for other similar TV shows.

Data source: Nielsen Twitter Tv Rating and Datalytics on first week of April 2015.


Many users use the apps passively, without voting or posting tweets. They use the app just to read info or watch videos. In the above analyzed show, the Amici app had 11K total users per day (passive and active), but it is difficult to know the passive users of Twitter watching the show.


UNIQUE ACTIVE USERS/AUTHOR – Unique Twitter accounts that have sent at least one Tweet ascribed to a specific TV episode.

TWEETS PER UNIQUE AUTHOR – The average number of Tweets ascribed to a TV episode sent per Unique Author. Calculated as Tweets divided by Unique Authors.

IMPRESSIONS – The number of times any Tweets ascribed to a TV episode were seen, as measured by Twitter. Impressions are de-duplicated by account, platform, and Tweet ID so that a unique Twitter account will accrue only a single impression per individual relevant Tweet viewed per platform.

UNIQUE AUDIENCE – The total number of distinct Twitter accounts accruing at least one impression of one Tweet ascribed to a TV episode. Unique Audience is de-duplicated at the account level, so that a Twitter account will be counted only once for a given reported episode regardless of how many impressions the account accrued for that episode.

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