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The use of data and analytics is a key factor in the evolution of the sports industry.

Thanks to the combination of innovation, expertise and experience acquired in the field of Sport and Artificial Intelligence, Parterre has created integrated solutions, dedicated to both Fan Engagement strategies and Business Intelligence needs.

By exploiting this strategic union, the apps developed by Parterre, such as Multisport Live Score and Multisport Live Voting, are able to profile insights on customers in a precise and timely manner.

Customer profiling takes place by analyzing the behavior of individual users, during the interaction with the Apps, through Machine Learning algorithms developed ad-hoc.

In particular, it is possible to gather and process behavioral data that allows to know the tastes and preferences of users effortlessly and quickly.

For each App user, lots of information and metrics are available, including the following:

  • Approval rates for each sportĀ 
  • Favorite sport or team
  • Fan levelĀ 
  • Sport fans’ cluster

Further uses of data insight include:

  • Ability to send push notifications to cluster of sport fans which support the same sport or team, ensuring to customers a shopping experience modeled as much as possible around their tastes and preferences as much as possible.
  • Up-selling and Cross selling of products and services, adding more information to the normal pages, in order to make the users aware of the latest products consistent with their preferences.


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