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The use of data and analytics is one of the strategic key factors in the evolution of the sports industry. Thanks to the expertise in the Artificial Intelligence, Parterre has developed three fresh Fan Engagement tools through which can elaborates and analyzes complex data to transform them into accurate and timely information.

Such informations are increasingly at the center of the investment strategies and policies of the organizations and sports clubs, and have become essential for all those involved in Sports Business Intelligence.

Parterre platform uses real-time data provided by Opta and, leveraging machine learning algorithms,  is able to profile users with the aim of increasing target audience.

Parterre: Fan Engagement and Business Intelligence

Widgets by Parterre are developed using WPA technology, and can be easily and immediately integrated into existing websites and native mobile apps.

1. Multi-Sport Live Score

The interactive application that allows you to view all the updates of a sporting event in real time. It is possibile to view timetable, daily results, standings, editorial facts, lineups and statistics.

Our widgets guarantee uniformity of navigation for a wide range of sports available: Football, Basketball, Formula 1, Motors, Tennis, Cycling, Golf.

2. Live Voting

The app that allows you to easily vote players and teams in real time, and in a fun way. It is possible to view the results live on TV through the integration of graphic playout broadcasting systems. 

Besides, the system can compose the team lineup automatically. Most especially for soccer, team lineup on the field are configured automatically.

3. Social Cards

Parterre platform is able to publish the highlights of the sporting event in real time on Facebook and Twitter. The cards are automatically generated during the event, when a player scores a goal or when a substitution is made, game statistics, results and surveys (best players, man of the match, player rating). The post can be immediately shared by fans through the official hashtag of the sport event.

Common features to widgets and cards

  • available in several languages: Italian, English, German and other languages upon request;
  • possibility to customize the layout in all its parts, in order to maintain maximum consistency with the graphic identity of your brand;
  • intuitive and engaging UX.

User Profiling

Solutions by Parterre are specifically designed with the purpose of knowing behavioral patterns of every unique app user based on interaction techniques that enrich insight regarding consumer habits.

User profiling is done upon gathering and analyzing user interactions data through Artificial Intelligence algorithms.

It is possible to define clusters of users, predict their preferences and generate lists of product suggestions with a high approval rating.

Parterre CMS

All solutions are easily manageable and configurable through our friendly Content Management System (CMS), available online. Through CMS, it is possible to configure customized survey content, and plan the start and end time, manually or automatically.

Types of survey included are: multiple choice, feedback slider 1-10, 5-star rating. This service use “visual answers”, which in fact, contain the description of every answer and an image; for example, an image of a football player with his profile picture or the shield of the team to which he belongs to.

Moreover, it is possible to know the results in real time, monitoring the progress of the survey (when active), with the visual support of indicators and graphs. For example, the information that can be viewed, concerns the number of responses received, the averages for each answer or the number of users who voted, and the total votes obtained.

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