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Interactive content to know your audience

Parterre is a company that offers real time digital services, specializing in the entertainment industry. Through our customized business solutions, it is possible to engage your audience by gathering consumer insights effectively and with precision.

Differentiating from competitors, apps developed by Parterre are specifically designed with the purpose of knowing behavioral patterns of every unique app user.


Our real time product offers are personalized based on your needs

Multi Sports Live Score

App dedicated to sporting events like Soccer, Basketball, Formula 1, MotoGP, Moto 2, Moto 3, Tennis, Cycling and Golf. Timetables, results and team and player standings are displayed in real time.

Live Voting

App specifically developed for contests aired in real time to offer to the public a new way to actively participate in these events. It is perfect for sporting events, musical contests, movie festivals, talent or reality shows and beauty pageants.

Social Cards

Cards  automatically generated for displaying personalized infographics regarding the match reminder and the highlights of the sporting event. This service represents the viral Fan Engagement tool for social media and blogs.


Recommender system is a new function that can be integrated into digital communication channels, which predicts customer preferences and provides highly personalized product suggestions for your audience.


Learn to know your audience

Solutions by Parterre are specifically designed with the purpose of knowing behavioral patterns of every unique app user based on interaction techniques that enrich insight regarding consumer habits.
User profiling is done after gathering and analyzing highly qualified data through Artificial Intelligence algorithms developed ad-hoc.
It is possible to define clusters of users, predict their preferences and generate lists of product suggestions with a high approval rating.

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Web Widget

Web Widget is a Progressive Web App (PWA), which can be easily and instantly integrated into your web page and existing native mobile app. The graphics can be customized to match and be inline with the brand’s identity.

App Native

Native Mobile App is an application developed in native code and customized to match and be inline with brand identity. This is geared for those who want to create their own app. This will be shortly made available in the Apple and Google Stores.


Chatbot is an application that can be integrated into digital communication channels to make audience interaction easy, fast and mobile-friendly. It is a new way that allows you to grow your social community without you having to download a new app.

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Our services are offered using a pay-per-use model. Other features can be added upon request.

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