Business Intelligence 

Have access to updated data and analytics and offer products and services in real time, customized to your audience.
Business Intelligence to profile users, define market clusters and make forecasts on purchasing behavior.

How it works

Our digital solutions are designed to understand the behavior of app users using machine learning algorithms developed ad-hoc to profile users.


Extrapolate behavioral data that allows to anticipate users’ tastes and preferences and to view statistics easily and quickly. For each user, lots of information and metrics can be made available, for example, for the Sport category, you can learn about:

  • Approval rating for each sport
  • Favorite Team or sport
  • Fan Level
  • Sport fans’ cluster


Push Notification

Sending push notifications to cluster of sport fans which support the same sport or team, ensuring customers a shopping experience modeled around their tastes and preferences as much as possible.

Up-selling e Cross-selling

Upselling and Cross selling of products and services, adding more information to the normal pages, in order to update the user about the latest product/service consistent with their preferences.


Creation of detailed reports for gathering, processing and analysing data, managed through CMS.

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