Content Management with CMS

Program customized surveys using “visual responses” to interact with your audience in the best possible way.

Monitor the progress of the surveys in real time using indicators and graphics.



It is possible to hold surveys manually or automatically, planning them from start to finish. Currently, we have the following options for our surveys:


Multiple Choice Questions

To hold short surveys with a question and a list of defined answers


Vote for the player by sliding the cursor on the screen


Choose from 1 to 5 stars for every event on the list

Visual Responses

These contain the answers to the surveys and the corresponding images, for example numbers are shown together with the profile photo of the player or the team logo.


Live Monitoring

Even when a survey is still ongoing, results can already be viewed in real time. More than the usual statistics such as reporting the number of users who voted and the total number of votes received, you can see information such as the total number of replies and the average for each point on the survey.

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