Manage your app
through the

Create new shows or events, add new guests, videos, and customize surveys or voting methods.

Get an immediate overview of all the shows and manage content and settings. Set episodes for each show, enable polls, add competitors, link videos and other social media content.

Contact your audience by means of push notifications directly on their smartphones.


The show is the main element of the framework. Each show can be composed by one or multiple episodes.

You can add multiple Shows in you app account. The Show element contains the dafault settings for all episodes, such as title, show image, social hashtag, etc.

Each show is composed by one or multiple episodes. The main episode settings are: start time, stop time, a group of competitors and the voting methods.


This page contains the list of all elements available as competitors. The element can be persons as well as products.

You can easily add a new competitor or edit an existing one. The main settings of a competitor are: name, image, description and social media accounts. The app competitor view will be automatically composed by latest texts and photos posted on the social media.

It’s very easy to manage the episode competitor: just drag and drop them.


You can set a score card for each competitor. It’s possibile to customize the attribute and questions of each poll.

Each questions of a Poll has a keyword and an icon. You can specify multiple voting categories and assign them to each episode. You can create a report score card for each competitor.

It’s very easy to manage the poll with the list of questions (survey): Just drag and drop the survey question to the poll.