Social Cards

The Social tool to expand your Fan Engagement strategy
Visual cardsshared in real time are available for the following sports: Soccer, Motors, Basketball, Tennis, Cycling, Golf.


Social Card: What is it?

Social cards are personalized infographics published automatically and in real time on Social Media (Facebook and Twitter) containing all the updates and statistics regarding your favorite team or your preferred sporting event. This service is already available for sports like soccer, basketball, motor racing, tennis, golf and cycling.

Automatic and real time

Social cards are automatically generated as sporting events are unfolding, for example when a player scores a goal or when a substitution takes place.


The layout of these cards can be customized to be in line with the design identity of your brand.


Social cards display highly entertaining content that can potentially rapidly increase engagement on Social Media. By using official hashtags of events, posts can be easily shared with your fans instantly.

Types and Timeline

Match Reminder and Team Lineup

Infographics to be shared before sporting events. More than information on the players in the team lineup, it is possible to view information on games, teams, place and time of the event before a match.


Goal, Substitutions, Start and End of game

Infographics to be shared during sporting events. Important events such as time start and end of game, goals made and eventual substitutions are highlighted and displayed.


Social cards display game updates in real time, such as ball passes, shots and ball possession.



Social cards show survey results like scorecards of the top three best players on the field, man of the match and fantasy games. These infographics display scorecards of public votes for every player on the field.

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