Live Voting

Give the public an interactive tool to express
feedback and voting in real time.

With the Voting widget you can select the most suitable interaction mode for the event by choosing between: player rating, surveys, 5-star rating.


What is it?

Live Voting is the widget dedicated to real time competitions, to offer the public a new mode of active participation. It is available for many categories: sporting events, music contests, film festivals, beauty contests, talent and reality shows.



Intuitive and engaging UX due to a system of visual answer. Customizable in order to be consistent with the brand’s graphic identity.


Developed with Progressive Web App (PWA) technology, it is easy to integrate into existing native mobile apps using webview, and within websites via iframes.


Wide selection of methods of interaction and feedback. It is possible to choose between: multiple choice, slider (1-10 votes), 5-star rating.


Ability to view the results live on TV, through integration of graphic playout systems for broadcasters.

Business Intelligence

Audience profiling is done through precise and accurate analysis of the answers provided by each user of the app.


It is possible to activate the widget automatically or manually, programming the start and end time for each interactive campaign.

Player Ratings

Vote for players and teams through simple gestures of sliding on the screen. The system is able to manage:

  • Ranking of player or team votes in real time
  • Composition of team lineup, showing the photos for each player.


Participate with short multiple-choice surveys, designed to provide an immediate and pleasant navigation experience. The answers can be accompanied by images available from an internal library.


5-star Rating

Possibility to give feedback, from 1 to 5 stars, for each event (eg. approval of a sports event).

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